What to Shred?


Executive Level:

  • Strategic Reports, Budgets, Legal Contracts, Correspondence, Cheques. 

Human Resources:

  • Payroll Information, Performance Appraisals, Applications, Disciplinary Reports and Promotions, Medical Records, Treatment Programmes

Research and Development:

  • New Product Info, Reports, Formula's, Product Plans and Tests, Specification Drawings

Accounting and Information Technology:

  • Payroll Statements, Budget Schedules, Internal Reports, Supplier Information, Customer Lists


  • Manuals, Training Information, Activity Sheets, Contracts, General Service Information, Health and Safety Issues, Appraisals, Product Testing Information


  • Supplier Records, Supplier Specifications, Purchase Orders, Confidential Information, Corporate Records

Sales and Marketing:

  • Contract Lists, Contracts, Strategies, Pricing and Financial Models, Advertising, Activity Sheets, Training Information, Promotional Vouchers


The following non-paper items can be destroyed at your request but must be separated from all confidential paper materials in order to prevent contamination:

  • CD-ROM/CD-Rs/DVDs, Hard Drives, Backup Magnetic Tapes, Computer Backups , Zip disk, USB sticks, X-Rays, Videotapes, Cassette Tapes, Product Samples, Prototypes

The Following Items Cannot Be Shredded:

  • Batteries, Sharp Objects, Ink Cartridges & Toners, Large Metal Objects, Food, Glass, Cans, Pressurised Containers, Syringes, Cardboard Tubes, Electrical Items.

Console Services

Console services come in a range of quantities and time scales, these being:

1. Your confidential information is put in and securely contained in our locked console

2. Our truck arrives at your location, per schedule to shred your documents on site

3. Our security expert removes your documents and scans the console to provide evidence of collection

4. Your confidential information is destroyed on the truck, behind a locked security screen and at your location

5. Once you have approved and signed for your service, you receive an official Certificate of Destruction

6. Shredded documents are securely baled and recycled into a variety of paper products

All Consoles and/or sacks will be supplied and owned by Shred-It.

Standard Consoles can be top loading (approximately 150 Litres) or front loading (approximately 135 Litres) - dimensions are  H 910mm x W 515mm x D 495mm.
Contracted visits can be  weekly or 2/4/8 weekly.
Call us for any special requests, we can also arrange for site visits to Shred-it should you wish to do so,.